About the Blogger

Q: Who is Tiho?

A: I am male in my late 20s. I hold a business degree with a major in accounting and marketing. However, I love economics much more. I used to own my own business before and now run a fund with other partners located in Hong Kong. I also worked on the exploration side of the mining sector in Australia, connected with Coal and Iron Ore.

Q: What’s with the strange name?

A: I ask myself that everyday!

Q: Why do you run a blog?

There are many reasons to run a blog. One of the main reasons is that helps me set my thinking process and create clarity in the world of uncertainty. Second, public scrutiny spotlight puts extra pressure on an investor, so before making decisions, I now tend to rethink them at least a few times more than previous. Third, the comments section is very useful and disagreement/debate within the market environment are always healthy (unless of course, it’s annoying Internet spam). Fourth, the blog acts like an archive and a record of my market calls and the way I came to those decisions.

Q: What experience do you have in the financial industry?

A: None! And I plan to keep it that way. I could not stand working in a financial bank, investment firm or a mutual fund. I would rather hang myself first. I also believe, due to long-term economic cycles, that the financial industry is going to be a terrible place to make any money in the next couple of decades. So experience might useless anyway.

Q: So why do you do this?

A: Simply put, I love the market, I love the economy and I love researching, studying and analyzing the world. I have a fascination with being right on the price of an asset before the future occurs and watching that asset price move up and down in long, medium and short-term cycles. Challenges the market offers keep me very interested at all times and makes me think on regular basis. It is a every evolving game of chess. Also, I love making money and working in a team of highly talented individuals, all of whom are my business partners.

Q: Your writing style seems to be similar the way you talk, is that true?

A: Yes, I love discussing and debating economy and markets. I write my thoughts with a natural flow as if I am discussing it with you in person.

Q: What’s with all the spelling and grammar mistakes?

A: English is my second language and I also have a very mild form of dyslexia. Help me out by also correcting the mistakes for me.

Q: If I contact you to send me some data, some chart or for some help; do you bother emailing back?

A: Yes, I do. I read and write back to every single email I receive and always try to help. I also think people who do not reply are just plain rude.

Q: What reading material do you recommend for me?

A: Some of the ones I recommend are:

– Jim Rogers’ Hot Commodities- Jesse Livemore’s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

– Marc Faber’s Tomorrow’s Gold- Trader Vic’s Methods Of A Wall Street Master- George Soros’ The Alchemy of Finance

– Lowry’s Mastering Market Timing

There are many many more, but just start there…

Q: How did you get good at investing? Do you read a lot of research on Wall Street or watch the business channels? Do you read business newspapers?

A: I am not that sure that I am actually good at investing. As the old saying goes, the more you learn the less you know haha!