Reasons Why the Best Welding Helmets Aren’t Cheap

Welding helmets are usually of a certain price range for a variety of reasons. In this article, we explore why the safety gear is usually pricey and how it might be a cause for concern if it were any cheaper. Naturally, the major point of concern would be your eyesight, the purpose in acquiring a welding helmet is catered towards the preventive measure against retina burn and arc eye, ophthalmological conditions that are caused by the unguarded exposure to UV (ultraviolet) and infrared produced in the welding process. In worst cases, one may lose their sense of sight through these conditions. A good and efficient welder has to stay physically fit, and if you considered the amount of money you could potentially be forking out for optical surgery and therapy in the case of a welding mishap, the price to pay for the insurance of an efficient and expensive welding helmet is the way to go.

Now, why are welding helmets costly? It all boils down to the manufacturing costs of the material and parts involved in the production of those helmets to ensure a certain level of protection lest they be moot. For additional information, you may refer to We could use the example of watch manufacturing as a comparison. It is known that a good timepiece cost a lot due to the precision of the watchmaker and the many parts involved. This is the same for welding helmets, as far as parts go. The eye protection assembly for the helmet alone, contains multiple parts that are carefully combined for the necessary protection. The manufacturing process of the helmets is a careful procedure to prevent industrial accidents. The eye assembly contains a lid on the outermost side, followed by an outer cover plate, which is framed by a gasket that is superimposed on a filter lens framed behind a clear lens and fit within a retainer that keeps all the mentioned parts within a trimming. As such, it is understandable that a certain cost would follow in the production of these intricately-crafted headgears. And this is only with consideration of the eye assembly aspect of the helmet! Regardless of the material used in the production of the helmets, it is necessary for them to pass national safety standards.

Although price ranges may differ drastically between brands, welding helmets are not cheap because they offer industrial protection to the user that should not go compromised. The price range of a welding helmet could be anywhere from $100- $500 for an auto darkening variant of the helmet. This is substantially more expensive compared to other safety headgears such as hard hats and face wear like most low-level respirator masks. Passive helmets are on the cheaper end as they require the user to put them on and take them off as and when welding is underway. This is a tedious and dangerous process.

A welding helmet with auto darkening lens has a specially installed piece of dark tinted glass that contains light sensors, which detect welding arcs and activate the filtering out process of the UV and infrared glare. Typically, experts suggest that buyers opt for the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved helmets for the protection of the wearer. Although there are some cheap versions out there, it is advisable for the user to consider the frequency of their work, specificity of the conditions involved and of course, invest in a more expensive and suitable helmet for their visibility, comfort and safety. Thus, in conclusion, the more features contained in a welding helmet, the higher its cost.

How Be Physically Fit Without Spending Too Much

Most people think that they must spend a lot of cash to lose weight quickly. Trying to lose weight can cost you if you think you are taking diet pills or are buying heavy equipment for the exercise. Diet pills will not benefit you in any way. So, why are there so many people who are obese? There, fake, eat fewer drugs are just useless chemicals that come together in a capsule. It will not gain you in any way, hell, it could cause you some health problems. There are ways to lose weight quickly without spending excessive cash. Instead, you could save some money if it is followed correctly. Give me the opportunity to share with you some of but the tricks I learned about how to lose weight quickly and gain physical fitness.

First of all, we all know that we gain weight by overeating unhealthy foods. However, what you do not know is that we also gain weight through how and when we eat our sustenance. What you should do is to review your dinner plans. If you do not have one, then start creating a party plan now I know it’s tedious, but it has a considerable measure of advantages. It lets you see what type of food you are eating. An excessive amount of hamburgers and pasta of evolved forms of life will quickly hurt you Instead, eat foods that consist of most fruits, vegetables, and lean meat for protein. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and other micronutrients that the body needs. Red meat can be a fantastic source of vitamin 1312 and protein, but it has a high-fat substance.

Instead of eating red meat, eat more lean meat such as chicken or fish. It gives your body proteins with a little fat. Fish are rich in omega fats that are useful for the body. Then, be sure to eat at the right time Skipping a party due to having a diet is not very perfect. It will hurt your goals on how to lose weight quickly. Another thing is that instead of eating three large meals a day. Make it five smaller meals. Eating more often during the day allows your stomach to guess when the next party is, which increases your metabolism rate. Not only because it has healthy dinner plans, but it could also let you save a significant amount of cash using the above money saving tips.

The next phase is that you must be physically dynamic. Have a healthy party plan in an excellent way on how to lose weight fast. However, along with a great exercise regimen could make it significantly bigger and faster. You can start building your cardio. If you do not have any tread factory to run. You can run or run around your house or in a neighborhood park. It is best to do this before breakfast. When doing exercise when you wake up on an empty stomach lets your body to burn fats, converting them into energy. You can buy best exercise machine for bad knees and use them to burn some fat and health and wealth.

Is Living A Minimalist Lifestyle The Key To Get Rich?

Several studies have indicated that minimalism is one of the keys to getting rich. Minimalism is therefore defined as the process of removing unnecessary possessions from an individual home. In this case, one sells out all the possessions which are not important to his/her survival. In most cases, one sells out property which is always distractive and does not bring joy to an individual life. Thus, this article evaluates the impact of minimalism on getting rich.

One excellent option to get rich is to avoid spending money on stuff one does not need. This is achieved through proper planning. When one avoids impulse buying, a lot of money is saved and this amount of capital can be channeled to other productive projects which may yield a higher return. Another crucial step which can make an individual save a substantial amount of money is working for oneself. There are a lot of simple tasks which can help an individual save money such as undertaking some chores by oneself without necessarily giving another person to do at a fee.

One can also save a substantial amount of capital by desiring to own less. Individuals who own less have a lot of practical benefits because it cost less, requires less time and energy to manage. Additionally, owning less brings a lot of freedom and greater opportunity to pursue other important lifestyle goals and thus the desire to own less is more valuable than owning less. Another essential step of getting rid of unnecessary possessions is selling off a handful of clothes and other possessions which are not much important for an individual survival. This decision to scrap off unwanted clothing must come from one’s soul because the journey toward minimalism runs through the soul and the heart. To effectively achieve minimalism, one needs to keep in mind that the potential of minimalism always lies in value addition rather than subtraction. The potential of achieving minimalism always lies in what an individual chooses to pursue in life in place of material possessions. An individual should realize that life is too valuable to waste chasing possessions. Another step which may make one achieve minimalism in life is a change of lifestyle. There are some activities which people spend a lot of time and money doing yet they add little or no wealth to an individual life. When individuals change their lifestyle especially minimizes wastage of money and other resources, they are capable of changing the whole world.

Another important step which may be helpful in getting rich is learning to let some things go. While there is nothing wrong with owning almost everything, one needs to have less stuff. This will reduce cost, stress and time wastage. All these factors which need to be reduced are all important determinants of getting rich.
In conclusion, living a minimalist lifestyle can make someone rich but it will on how they spend the money that they get to save from being a minimalist and what’s important is they are living a comfortable life aside from having lesser expenses. What matters most at the end of everything is you have lived a meaningful life and you felt safe.

Tankless Water Heater Reviews in a Hot Stock Market

Do you need a tankless water heater to keep costs down?

If so, you are in the right place at the right time because we will write about this. Yes, you can save a lot of money when you harness the power of these items, and you will truly get what you need right away.

RTE 13 Tankless Water Heater by Rheem

The RTE 13 Tankless Water Heater by Rheem will allow you to easily control its temperature because you will have a control that will be included in the unit. Yes, you will manage to do this right away and that is just part of the fun. The LED will indicate you the standby mode and the active element right away, and that is truly great information that you will manage to know quickly and easily. The RTE 13 Tankless Water Heater by Rheem is also for any single show application.

Tankless Water Heater by Bosch

The Tankless Water Heater by Bosch will allow you to avoid any kind of wait when it comes to getting hot water at any point-of-use right away. The Tankless Water Heater by Bosch is truly easy to install and you will do it quickly and easily in the bathroom or kitchen. This item will make you save a lot of space because it is truly compact. The Tankless Water Heater by Bosch is lightweight and will give you the efficiency that you have been seeking for a long time.

SCR2 N-120 Tankless Water Heater by Titan

The SCR2 N-120 Tankless Water Heater by Titan will heat water when you need it and only when you need it. THE SCR2 N-120 Tankless Water Heater by Titan will allow you to get rid of any conventional tank heater out there, and this is just part of the fun. Do you live in an area with warm climate? If so, SCR2 N-120 Tankless Water Heater by Titan is for you because the product has been designed with this end in mind. The SCR2 N-120 Tankless Water Heater by Titan is the versatile item that you need to get today.

Electric Tankless Water by Ecosmart

The Electric Tankless Water by Ecosmart has the digital temperature control that you love to see in items such as this one because you will get the results you want quickly and easily. You will save a lot of money if you purchase the Electric Tankless Water by Ecosmart today because it has all the features you need to achieve this goal right away too. Saving up to 50% of your water heating costs will be possible once you have the Electric Tankless Water by Ecosmart by your side, and that is just part of the fun today.

A tankless water heater will give you the results you need because you will be getting the results you want. Therefore, go over this article so you can truly get the results that you are looking for right away at all times. Do this and have a lot of fun with these items.

Central Banks vs Asset Prices

One of the most popular charts to post in the financial community is the S&P 500 correlation link with the Fed’s balance sheet, especially since the bull market began in early parts of 2009. Just about every trader, investor, analyst, economist, market “guru” and media anchor quotes it on regular basis. If everyone says it, then it must be true… right? Well, maybe it isn’t.

But what if this relationship stops correlating soon and the Fed loses the control of the stock market? Or maybe it never had the control in the first place? Historically, there is nothing new under the sun (Jesse Livermore quote), so a bull market will stay in a bull market until buyers get exhausted.

Chart 1: Central banks policy & equity prices don’t always correlate

Stock Prices & Central BanksSource: Deutsche Bank, Ed Yardeni Blog & BCA Research

The chart above is broken into three sections. Firstly, Deutsche Bank shows how S&P and Fed’s balance sheet are moving in link since March 2009. Secondly, Ed Yardeni shows how ECB has reduced its balance sheet since mid-2012, while Fed has increased its starting in late 2012. Finally, BCA shows how despite the falling ECB balance sheet, German DAX 30 has moved up a like a rocket. Here are some interesting points to think about:

  • So how can one market move up when its local central bank is increasing its balance sheet and yet another market also move up while its local central bank is decreasing its balance sheet?
  • Do you remember the correlation charts link to Gold and central banks? That one worked for awhile, but just as everyone was expecting it to work the third time around… it stopped.
  • What about the correlation between the Euro and commodities, and in particular Gold? Rising Euro usually meant falling Dollar, so Gold would rally too… however in 2013 as Fed increased its balance sheet and ECB reduced its own, Euro gained against the Dollar while Gold had a worst annual loss since 1981.

It seems to me that certain correlations between central banks and assets work until they don’t, while the majority of the analysts in the industry just guess and make up the reasoning behind the moves. I do not have the answer for all of the questions above, as I do not pay too much attention to what central banks do. I believe in following markets and I believe that assets eventually reflect fundamentals in the long run.

Asset Class Performance For The Cycle

I thought sharing this chart would be extremely interesting since we are closely approaching two major milestones. The first is year-end performance and the second is a five year anniversary of the bull market in equities. Since the majority of assets bottom between late 2008 and early 2009, the chart above also shows how they have performed for the overall investment cycle.

Chart 1: Performance of various major assets for the investment cycle

Performance Since Late 2008Source: Deutsche Bank Research

I bet if I told you that the top two performing assets are Copper and European High Yield, considering all of the issues both China and Europe have been through since 2011, you would tell me I am lying. Remaining in the top 5 best performers, the ones that are easier to pick would be US assets such as S&P 500 and US High Yield. Interestingly Russian equities as well as the overall Emerging Market stock complex is also seen near the top. The fact is that these assets had tremendous moves out of their lows and funnily enough, just about all of the investors missed it.

Not too many assets have lost ground, but a couple comes to mind, such as the Greek stock market and the Japanese Yen (with its recent crash). Surpassingly, Euro-Dollar exchange rate has been essentially flat. Despite ongoing media coverage of bond performance during the Euro Crisis (2011 and 2012) Treasures and Bunds have really lagged rest of the asset classes. One could argue that these assets outperform during recessions like that did during 2007/08 period.

Observing this chart, where do you see the value and what do you rate overly expensive?

Another Look At Breadth

Chart 1: Despite new highs, breadth continues to bearishly diverge

S&P 500 vs 200 MASource: Short Side of Long

Just a quick update on one of my favorite indicators for the stock market – the percentage of stocks within the S&P 500 trading above the 200-day moving average. The indicator continues to flash a warning signal, something I have discussed on my blog for the last few months. So far the market has turned a cold shoulder to ongoing bearish divergence as it continues to tear higher into record territory.

Chart 2: The stock market has been overbought for the whole of 2013

S&P 500 Overbought vs OversoldSource: Short Side of Long 

And while bearish divergence is in progress, the same indicator can also be looked at from another perspective – either an overbought or an oversold level. As we can clearly see in Chart 2, the overall stock market breadth has remained overbought for the whole of 2013. Breadth isn’t the only group of indicators flashing overbought levels, as technical indicators, as well as sentiment, are also flashing warning signals.

Contrarian Approach

Here at Short Side of Long blog, contrarian analysis is the core of executing investments, while fundamental research is the selective process between asset classes. And while I understand that being a contrarian doesn’t always work, over the long term it is definitely one of the better ways to invest. This is also confirmed by the recent study conducted by Russell Jame of the University of Kentucky. Bloomberg writes:

“The best hedge fund managers tend to find profits in short-term, contrarian bets.

That’s the finding of a study published this year by Russell Jame of the University of Kentucky and set to be presented next month at the American Economic Association’s annual meeting in Philadelphia.

Star hedge funds secure profits over short periods, with more than 25 percent of an annual outperformance occurring within a month after a trade. The profits are also often made when managers have bet against the prevailing market view.

Personally, I do not trade as frequently as some of these market experts, but I do find that the contrarian approach works just as well over the long term. Just remember that in this game, patience is a virtue. In other words, buy something and wait five years (instead of just five weeks haha!).